Reasons Why Xbox One is Better than Ps4

Just in a few months time, most gamers will have to make a hard choice between Xbox one and PS4. They will have to decide: between Xbox one and PS4, which one is better than the other? This is a question that many have struggled to answer. But today, you are going to know why Xbox one is better than ps4. It is true that there are a lot of rumors out there and a lot of unfounded console loyalty, but there is a huge difference in their respective consoles. Although in terms of their specifications, their consoles are pretty much identical. But in this article, there are other things like the consoles’ policies, launch lineups, and their future plans. To begin with, the Xbox one is a notch higher than the Ps4 in terms of games and features, but it is rated low in terms of pricing and fans’ credibility. The following are some of the reasons why Xbox one is better than Ps4.


Exceptional Launch Lineup


It is undoubted fact that the great Xbox one is unbeatable in terms of its launch lineup. It has taken care of everyone’s interest. For instance, if you are looking for console exclusives, then look nowhere else other than the Dead Rising 3. Even if you are looking for a nice multi-console title with bonuses, it is there with Call of Duty. Are you surprised? More to follow, it could be possible that you like Assassin’s Creed IV, or maybe you are in love with Forza 5 especially if you are a fun of racing, all that will be available during LAUNCH. Microsoft has reassured people that all of these titles and even more will be available at Launch. Sony could only afford to give just a vague
2013 window. This is what makes Xbox one better than Ps4.

Amazing Console Exclusives

It is uncontested fact that Xbox one comes with the console exclusive market cornered. For instance, there is Killer Instinct, Crimson Dragon, Fable Legends, Titan Fall, and Dead Rising 3. All are Xbox one exclusives. But what do you get with Ps4? It has got a Knack which is not even enough to carry the console at launch. In the past, consoles were being sold via their exclusive, which means if you were to look Xbox one from a classic game industry point of view, it is a notch higher than Ps4.


There are more than ten reasons that could not all be listed here due to time that explains why Xbox one is better. But it cannot be denied that, Ps4 funs have got enough reasons why they prefer their console to the Xbox one, and in many situations they could be right. And if the features of Ps4 suits your needs, I promise not to hate you. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. Nevertheless, considering the reasons discussed above and many more that have not been discussed within this article, there area lot of reasons that makes Xbox one better than Ps4. For more information about the argument, you may research online.