Streaming with the Xbox One

I get this question all the time from friends and that is how to stream with the Xbox One. I’m sure it’s on your mind if you’re thinking about coming to the light side and getting a Xbox console. Also, if you currently own an Xbox it’s a good idea to known its capabilities, in case you ever go pro in one of the games you own and start streaming to make that $$$. There is a few things to keep in mind. The nice thing about the Xbox is that it is easier to stream with than the PS4. The PS4 has HDCP protection on it auto enabled, so you have to go in there and disable. Then every time you are watching a movie or something then you have to go back into settings and enable. With the Xbox One you don’t have to worry about doing that crap. It automatically switches HDCP modes so it is always disabled when you are gaming on the Xbox one.

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Setting Up a Stream with Xbox One

It is pretty simple to set up a stream with Microsoft’s latest console.

  1. Get on your Microsoft account. An Xbox Live membership is required to stream to Twitch.
  2. Download and install Twitch. Browse the app store by going to the search bar and searching for Twitch.
  3. The app will start automatically once the download is complete.
  4. Launch Twitch and you can browse and checkout the top games and broadcasters.
  5. Also you can set up your Twitch Account here. Visit via your PC or mobile device and enter the 6 digit code. This will link your Xbox Live gamertag and Twitch account.
  6. To broadcast your own stream all you have to do is say “Xbox Broadcast.” As long as you have the Twitch app set up properly, you’re stream will be up and running with those two simple words.
  7. You can also select broadcast with the Twitch app open instead. The Twitch broadcasting dashboard will snap in from the right side of the screen.
  8. Enable kinect or your camera if you want people to see you and enable microphone if you want them to hear you.
  9. Give your broadcast a name in the Broadcast Title bar and select the game you want to stream live.
  10. Select Start Broadcast and you are now live. Boom. Get out there and become famous. “Hi Mom!”

Streaming with a Capture Card

If your getting a lot of viewers and want to get more serious, a capture card is the next step up from the basic procedure outlined above. A good capture card will allow you to customize your stream and make cool YouTube videos as well. Plus if you want that 1080p 60 FPS this is how you stream without your game’s performance taking a hit. Now setting this up is a bit more complicated because you need a lot of stuff. You need a PC or a laptop connected to the capture card via a USB cable first off. Then you need to connect an HDMI cable from the Xbox to the capture card. Then connect the capture card with an HDMI cable to your TV or other display such as a monitor. So that’s a few more steps right there, not to mention dling and configuring the capture card’s software on your PC. But once you do all that, a new world opens up to you. Trust me it is worth the trouble. You’re going to get high quality footage that you can stream and record for later.

Xbox One Twitch

Top 5 Xbox One Games of 2015

Are you looking for the best Xbox one game to start with? Then you are definitely at the right place since we have all the necessary information you require to shop for these games. What makes Xbox one unique is that apart from its legion of distractions-multimedia plugging and apps, are the games. What makes them very tempting is that you can spend the entire day playing them without getting bored. After going through the various games in the market, we have provided you with Xbox one top 5 games that you will no doubt you will fall in love with. Just another reason you will have more likely to support our views.

  • Batman: Arkham Knight – (PC, PS4 , XBO). Batman: Arkham Knight is among the most awaited Xbox One games. These series features Rocksteady after appearing for the last time in Arkham city. Although, we only missed them in a single game, Origins appeared drastically lesser when compared to its predecessors. In the game Arkham Knight is definitely Batmans leap into the current generation. If its storyline will be anywhere close to, what we witnessed in City, then it will be a must play for me.

  • The Division – (PC, PS4, XBO). The Division is a thrilling game that we thought would be out by 2014 but here we are 2015 and we are yet to lay our hands on it. Nevertheless, from what we have had about its features all can say is that it will be great and fun to play. Am very hopeful that Ubisoft will not disappoint because has earned popularity in the past for innovative game play mechanics.
  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse – (PC, PS4, XBO, 360). Out of hundreds of games I have come across none of them is yet to show an amazing level of gaming as Dragon Ball Xenoverse. If you have been looking for an Xbox game that will let you build your character then shop for Dragon Ball Xenoverse and you will not regret the decision.
  • Forza Motorsport 6 – (XBO) When you look at the launch titles for Xbox, one game then you will have an insight that Forza Motorsport 6 is a great game that you have to play. In fact, it is one of the best games for any new generation racer.
  • Halo 5 Guardians – (XBO). I think that 343 industries have come up with the best as far as this series is concerned. I thought Halo 5 would not be fun like the other games in the past series but 343 completely did justice to this game by making it better than others did.

In conclusion, Xbox one games are among the most exciting games that you can play. Whether you are a beginner or you have played them before, there is a lot that will leave smiling all day. Some of the top five Xbox box games include Halo 5 guardians, Forza Motorsport 6, Dragon Ball Xenoverse, The division and Batman: Arkham Knight. Each of these games has its unique features but generally, they are fun to play.

The Xbox One Hardware

Enthusiasts have been longing for a gaming console that are capable of providing live TV streaming services in addition to handling real time graphics rich games of different genre. Xbox one gaming console from Microsoft perfectly fits the requirements of gamers eagerly waiting to watch the next episode of their favorite Television shows. Xbox one comes with incredibly innovative technological features including 1080p video capturing capabilities and voice activated console control. Xbox one wireless controller comes with a great battery life and one of the most user friendly analog sticks that one can expect in a gaming pad. For gamers who are inquisitive in nature and are quite eager to know Why Xbox one controller is the best in the gaming console business, a detailed review provided in the subsequent section about the various Xbox one features would definitely throw some light on the reasons for terming Xbox one as the best in the gaming console marketplace. In this post I will talk about the incredible features of the Xbox one controller, the fantastic hardware features of the console, and how the console provides all-in-one entertainment.

Top Notch Hardware

The console exterior is divided in to four quadrants. On top of these four quadrants, a continuous strip of cooling vent is provided on the back side of the console frame. These cooling vents help in cooling the system, which includes an 8GB RAM and 400 GB Hard disk drive. The touch sensitive power button is provided on the front right hand side of the console. Gamers can use voice recognition software to switch on the console without even touching the power button. The entire console is made out of hardened thermo plastic material that provides a glamorous black matte look and feel to the on lookers. The console comes with a whole range of connectivity options including three USB 3.0 ports, Gigabit Ethernet Port and two ports for HDMI in and out connections.

Amazing Controller


When Microsoft released Xbox 360 in 2005, gamers and gaming industry analysts were amazed by the game pad features. The Xbox one gamepad has all the features that were provided in Xbox 360 and some additional value additions incorporated in it. The basic game pad features such as the dual-thumb stick, four face buttons and the d-pad are retained in Xbox one game pad. The thumb stick design has been changed to include rubberized depressions surrounded by a circular rim. This design ensures that the player continues to have a firm grip of the thumb stick irrespective of their thumb stick holding pattern. XBOX one game pad also comes with a new feature in the form of impulse trigger. This impulse trigger feature can be experienced using the newly added vibrating triggers to the rear portion of the game pad.

Voice Command and Multitasking Capabilities

Xbox one comes with voice recognition capabilities that enable gamers to power on Xbox gaming console by providing voice commands. This voice powering capability is also extended to powering on the television set by putting the console in “always-on” lower power mode. The voice recognition can be combined with face recognition feature to provide the much needed security access layer for the Xbox one console. The voice commands can be used to switch seamlessly between the inbuilt games and apps. The console has the capability to launch and run four applications at a time.

Exciting Entertainment options

Xbox one comes with a whole range of gaming options including Forza Motorsport 5 for Auto sport lovers, Dead Rising 3 for Zombie action lovers. Ryse: Son of Rome for combat and action gaming fans, Crimson Dragon in the Zombie action category and Killer Instinct in the action and fights gaming category. In addition to the exciting range of games, Xbox one comes with an excellent combination of utility apps and entertainment apps in the form of Hulu plus app, Netflix app, Skype app, Xbox music/ Video app and Skydrive App. For a full list go here: There is also an activity app that actually records the activities performed by the gamer friends group while discovering the various aspects of the game. Xbox one also comes with a snap app that enables the gamers to properly align the apps in the dashboard.

Don’t forget if you are wanting the total Xbox experience you need a good TV. Its time to consider a TV designed for gaming. Some tv manufacturers like Sony are offering tv’s with gaming modes where you can change to when you are gaming. These TVs help you see dark spots better, will lower input lag, the refresh rate is higher so you can react faster than opponents. Also, a high definition TV will help you make out oncoming trouble in the distance. More pixels means more definition and you will be able to enjoy your game more. Soon we will have our best gaming tvs for Xbox gamers article up.

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Most Anticipated Xbox One Games of 2015 and 2016

For all Xbox one gamers locked in their man caves and basements from dusk till dawn and then dusk again, 2015 has already been an ecstatic year as everybody gets a piece of what they love with game releases such as Game of thrones episode two the lost lords in February, Mortal Kombat x in April and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in May. But the year is still far from over and there is still plenty plenty more action to come.

  • Of all the most anticipated Xbox one games not yet released perhaps the most obviously anticipated game has to be the first person shooter game Halo 5: Guardians, slated for release on October 27th. The Halo franchise is developed by 343 industries and is nearly synonymous with Xbox. Halo 5: Guardians plot is expected to be that the established peace in the colonies crumbles just as the greatest defenders of humanity go missing. Spartan Locke is charged with the difficult responsibility of unraveling this conspiracy if the galaxy is to survive.
  • Batman: Arkham Knight developed by Rocksteady Studios and slated for release on June 23rd. It will be set in dark city of Gotham as the batman an ordinary man who trained himself to reach the peak of human physical and mental ability so as to be able to rid his city of crime and corruption. The game will also feature police commissioner Gordon and his daughter Barbara as well as the notorious Cat-woman, with the main villain of the story being the enigmatic and powerful Arkham Knight.
  • Assassins Creed Syndicate is the ninth installment of games franchise and though its release date has not yet been given it is anticipated that the game will live up-to its fans expectations. The game will retain its third person open world setting and will take place in 1868 London during the Victorian era as the story mainly focuses on twins Evie and Jacob as they try to survive in a criminal underworld controlled by the dangerous templers.
  • Tom Clancy games never disappoint fans looking for some intense missions and firefight action. Tom Clancy’s The Division is a 2016 upcoming open world third person shooting game developed by Ubisoft and is inspired by real world events namely Directive 51 and operations darkwinter which show that the United States is not as secure as it used to be. The plot of the game involves the spread of a deadly and infectious disease that within five days leads to the collapse of government and anarchy ensues. As it is discovered that the disease is spread by issued currency bank notes the president forms a special ops division to find the source of this conspiracy and save the United States.
  • For fans who love multiplayer fantasy games the 2016 is set to be a great years for them as City State Entertainment are working on Camelot Unchained which will be a sequel to Mark Jacobs Dark Age of Camelot. The game is anticipated to have some nice battle sequences and will focus heavily on its gameplay.

Without a doubt Xbox one gamers are in for some great virtual adventures for the rest of 2015 and the start of 2016 as different companies plan to release games for their fans enjoyment and there is no better console to enjoy the best graphics and gameplay features than on Xbox one.

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What’s new with Microsoft’s Latest Console?

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Xbox One is the most recent video game console in the Xbox family. Microsoft announced the successor to Xbox 360 – Xbox One on May 21, 2013. And as you wait with bated breath for the future of gaming to alight, there’s a lot to expect from Microsoft’s latest video gaming console. This is the third in the family right after Xbox 360 was released a few years ago. The Xbox line is renowned due to its “build by gamers for gamers” Microsoft concept, and many have already purchased or are waiting for a price drop to purchase this latest console.

Xbox One has high demand from a lot of video gamers across the world due to a number of reasons. One reason is that the features of the brand new Xbox game console are superior than to that of the Xbox 360. Some of its features include voice control, a better Kinect and, advanced servers. There are some further explanations for you to be a lot more convinced to buy Xbox One. The Xbox family improves its set-top box in this latest model. With the Xbox One, connection of your TV to the cablebox signal via HDMI is now possible.

Get the All in One Entertainment System


Xbox One was designed to dominate your living room. While its chiseled look adds charm to your living room splendor, an intricate technology makes it that one centrifugal force from where all entertainment emanates. Xbox One hails a whole new era of entertainment. Now one box lets you watch TV, listen to music, see your favorite movies on demand, watch sports, connect with friends, game and explore the Web in refreshing new ways. So ditch the remote and say goodbye to switching inputs on TV with Xbox One.

With the new console, the moment you connect your TV to your Xbox One, the box transforms into an all-round entertainment provider. The best part is a super-powerful Kinect that lets you do all of this with no more than a voice command. Xbox One’s intuitive Kinect is infinitely responsive to voice, vision and motion – so while your body movements determine the course of your game, a single voice command is enough to swap channels, switch to alternate entertainment apps or hunt down your favorite movie. Xbox One also has commendable second screen support too. With Xbox SmartGlass, your tablet or phone serves as a second screen that interacts with Xbox One to dish out magnified experiences of your favorite TV shows, movies, music, games and sports. Experience it all, at a convenient price – with one central entertainment center in Xbox One.

An 8-core x86 processor helps you switch between a game and your entertainment apps in flash and you can even run an array of apps while you game, without any loss in intensity of experience. Technology parallels memory as a massive 8GB RAM and 500 GB hard drive churn up enough space to fit in an extensive library of games, movies, apps, music and more. Xbox One is powered by a CPU, GPU and ESRAM that could contest a supercomputer. Plus, it operates a speed that makes every action a lightning flash. You no longer need to terminate one experience to jump into another. Navigate in a snap from TV to movies, game and music. And game while you connect with the people who matter. In an instant. So get ready to jet-set-go into the world of futuristic entertainment that’s affordable too.

Other things Console Gamers Need

In addition to the best upgraded console, you will want to pick up a gaming chair. Amazon sells tons of these chairs and more and more gamers are getting them for comfort. Also, sound is a great quality in the chairs because of speakers that are built inside. A lot of gamers use bean bags or their couch, or even regular chairs and you will be blown away with the upgrade to your experience buying a gaming chair. For the premier manufacturer of gaming chairs go to this site:


Another thing a lot of gamers do not think about is their TV. Its actually getting to the point where TV manufacturers are offering gaming TV’s. These TVs are designed to have lower input lag and be responsive.

Is there a better console than the Xbox One? Some gamers say PS4 but you can’t go wrong with both consoles. So let the roller coaster ride begin!

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Reasons Why Xbox One is Better than Ps4

Just in a few months time, most gamers will have to make a hard choice between Xbox one and PS4. They will have to decide: between Xbox one and PS4, which one is better than the other? This is a question that many have struggled to answer. But today, you are going to know why Xbox one is better than ps4. It is true that there are a lot of rumors out there and a lot of unfounded console loyalty, but there is a huge difference in their respective consoles. Although in terms of their specifications, their consoles are pretty much identical. But in this article, there are other things like the consoles’ policies, launch lineups, and their future plans. To begin with, the Xbox one is a notch higher than the Ps4 in terms of games and features, but it is rated low in terms of pricing and fans’ credibility. The following are some of the reasons why Xbox one is better than Ps4.


Exceptional Launch Lineup


It is undoubted fact that the great Xbox one is unbeatable in terms of its launch lineup. It has taken care of everyone’s interest. For instance, if you are looking for console exclusives, then look nowhere else other than the Dead Rising 3. Even if you are looking for a nice multi-console title with bonuses, it is there with Call of Duty. Are you surprised? More to follow, it could be possible that you like Assassin’s Creed IV, or maybe you are in love with Forza 5 especially if you are a fun of racing, all that will be available during LAUNCH. Microsoft has reassured people that all of these titles and even more will be available at Launch. Sony could only afford to give just a vague
2013 window. This is what makes Xbox one better than Ps4.

Amazing Console Exclusives

It is uncontested fact that Xbox one comes with the console exclusive market cornered. For instance, there is Killer Instinct, Crimson Dragon, Fable Legends, Titan Fall, and Dead Rising 3. All are Xbox one exclusives. But what do you get with Ps4? It has got a Knack which is not even enough to carry the console at launch. In the past, consoles were being sold via their exclusive, which means if you were to look Xbox one from a classic game industry point of view, it is a notch higher than Ps4.


There are more than ten reasons that could not all be listed here due to time that explains why Xbox one is better. But it cannot be denied that, Ps4 funs have got enough reasons why they prefer their console to the Xbox one, and in many situations they could be right. And if the features of Ps4 suits your needs, I promise not to hate you. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. Nevertheless, considering the reasons discussed above and many more that have not been discussed within this article, there area lot of reasons that makes Xbox one better than Ps4. For more information about the argument, you may research online.