The Xbox One Hardware

Enthusiasts have been longing for a gaming console that are capable of providing live TV streaming services in addition to handling real time graphics rich games of different genre. Xbox one gaming console from Microsoft perfectly fits the requirements of gamers eagerly waiting to watch the next episode of their favorite Television shows. Xbox one comes with incredibly innovative technological features including 1080p video capturing capabilities and voice activated console control. Xbox one wireless controller comes with a great battery life and one of the most user friendly analog sticks that one can expect in a gaming pad. For gamers who are inquisitive in nature and are quite eager to know Why Xbox one controller is the best in the gaming console business, a detailed review provided in the subsequent section about the various Xbox one features would definitely throw some light on the reasons for terming Xbox one as the best in the gaming console marketplace. In this post I will talk about the incredible features of the Xbox one controller, the fantastic hardware features of the console, and how the console provides all-in-one entertainment.

Top Notch Hardware

The console exterior is divided in to four quadrants. On top of these four quadrants, a continuous strip of cooling vent is provided on the back side of the console frame. These cooling vents help in cooling the system, which includes an 8GB RAM and 400 GB Hard disk drive. The touch sensitive power button is provided on the front right hand side of the console. Gamers can use voice recognition software to switch on the console without even touching the power button. The entire console is made out of hardened thermo plastic material that provides a glamorous black matte look and feel to the on lookers. The console comes with a whole range of connectivity options including three USB 3.0 ports, Gigabit Ethernet Port and two ports for HDMI in and out connections.

Amazing Controller


When Microsoft released Xbox 360 in 2005, gamers and gaming industry analysts were amazed by the game pad features. The Xbox one gamepad has all the features that were provided in Xbox 360 and some additional value additions incorporated in it. The basic game pad features such as the dual-thumb stick, four face buttons and the d-pad are retained in Xbox one game pad. The thumb stick design has been changed to include rubberized depressions surrounded by a circular rim. This design ensures that the player continues to have a firm grip of the thumb stick irrespective of their thumb stick holding pattern. XBOX one game pad also comes with a new feature in the form of impulse trigger. This impulse trigger feature can be experienced using the newly added vibrating triggers to the rear portion of the game pad.

Voice Command and Multitasking Capabilities

Xbox one comes with voice recognition capabilities that enable gamers to power on Xbox gaming console by providing voice commands. This voice powering capability is also extended to powering on the television set by putting the console in “always-on” lower power mode. The voice recognition can be combined with face recognition feature to provide the much needed security access layer for the Xbox one console. The voice commands can be used to switch seamlessly between the inbuilt games and apps. The console has the capability to launch and run four applications at a time.

Exciting Entertainment options

Xbox one comes with a whole range of gaming options including Forza Motorsport 5 for Auto sport lovers, Dead Rising 3 for Zombie action lovers. Ryse: Son of Rome for combat and action gaming fans, Crimson Dragon in the Zombie action category and Killer Instinct in the action and fights gaming category. In addition to the exciting range of games, Xbox one comes with an excellent combination of utility apps and entertainment apps in the form of Hulu plus app, Netflix app, Skype app, Xbox music/ Video app and Skydrive App. For a full list go here: There is also an activity app that actually records the activities performed by the gamer friends group while discovering the various aspects of the game. Xbox one also comes with a snap app that enables the gamers to properly align the apps in the dashboard.

Don’t forget if you are wanting the total Xbox experience you need a good TV. Its time to consider a TV designed for gaming. Some tv manufacturers like Sony are offering tv’s with gaming modes where you can change to when you are gaming. These TVs help you see dark spots better, will lower input lag, the refresh rate is higher so you can react faster than opponents. Also, a high definition TV will help you make out oncoming trouble in the distance. More pixels means more definition and you will be able to enjoy your game more. Soon we will have our best gaming tvs for Xbox gamers article up. Until then you can check out the top gaming tvs here.

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