What’s new with Microsoft’s Latest Console?

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Xbox One is the most recent video game console in the Xbox family. Microsoft announced the successor to Xbox 360 – Xbox One on May 21, 2013. And as you wait with bated breath for the future of gaming to alight, there’s a lot to expect from Microsoft’s latest video gaming console. This is the third in the family right after Xbox 360 was released a few years ago. The Xbox line is renowned due to its “build by gamers for gamers” Microsoft concept, and many have already purchased or are waiting for a price drop to purchase this latest console.

Xbox One has high demand from a lot of video gamers across the world due to a number of reasons. One reason is that the features of the brand new Xbox game console are superior than to that of the Xbox 360. Some of its features include voice control, a better Kinect and, advanced servers. There are some further explanations for you to be a lot more convinced to buy Xbox One. The Xbox family improves its set-top box in this latest model. With the Xbox One, connection of your TV to the cablebox signal via HDMI is now possible.

Get the All in One Entertainment System


Xbox One was designed to dominate your living room. While its chiseled look adds charm to your living room splendor, an intricate technology makes it that one centrifugal force from where all entertainment emanates. Xbox One hails a whole new era of entertainment. Now one box lets you watch TV, listen to music, see your favorite movies on demand, watch sports, connect with friends, game and explore the Web in refreshing new ways. So ditch the remote and say goodbye to switching inputs on TV with Xbox One.

With the new console, the moment you connect your TV to your Xbox One, the box transforms into an all-round entertainment provider. The best part is a super-powerful Kinect that lets you do all of this with no more than a voice command. Xbox One’s intuitive Kinect is infinitely responsive to voice, vision and motion – so while your body movements determine the course of your game, a single voice command is enough to swap channels, switch to alternate entertainment apps or hunt down your favorite movie. Xbox One also has commendable second screen support too. With Xbox SmartGlass, your tablet or phone serves as a second screen that interacts with Xbox One to dish out magnified experiences of your favorite TV shows, movies, music, games and sports. Experience it all, at a convenient price – with one central entertainment center in Xbox One.

An 8-core x86 processor helps you switch between a game and your entertainment apps in flash and you can even run an array of apps while you game, without any loss in intensity of experience. Technology parallels memory as a massive 8GB RAM and 500 GB hard drive churn up enough space to fit in an extensive library of games, movies, apps, music and more. Xbox One is powered by a CPU, GPU and ESRAM that could contest a supercomputer. Plus, it operates a speed that makes every action a lightning flash. You no longer need to terminate one experience to jump into another. Navigate in a snap from TV to movies, game and music. And game while you connect with the people who matter. In an instant. So get ready to jet-set-go into the world of futuristic entertainment that’s affordable too.

Other things Console Gamers Need

In addition to the best upgraded console, you will want to pick up a gaming chair. Amazon sells tons of these chairs and more and more gamers are getting them for comfort. Also, sound is a great quality in the chairs because of speakers that are built inside. A lot of gamers use bean bags or their couch, or even regular chairs and you will be blown away with the upgrade to your experience buying a gaming chair. For the premier manufacturer of gaming chairs go to this site: http://xrockernation.com/.


Another thing a lot of gamers do not think about is their TV. Its actually getting to the point where TV manufacturers are offering gaming TV’s. These TVs are designed to have lower input lag and be responsive. That means you will be able to react faster than your enemies. For reviews of the best gaming TV’s go to this site: www.highgroundgaming.com.

Is there a better console than the Xbox One? Some gamers say PS4 but you can’t go wrong with both consoles. So let the roller coaster ride begin!

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